Chiropractic Care For Adults

Restoring balance and vitality through chiropractic care

At Thame Chiropractic Clinic, we understand that as mature individuals, your health needs may differ from other age groups. Our chiropractic care services are specifically tailored to address the unique concerns and challenges faced by adults.

Chiropractic Care For Adults In Thame

Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, looking to improve your overall well-being, or aiming to enhance your performance in daily activities, our experienced chiropractors are here to help. We take a holistic approach to our adult care, focusing on restoring proper spinal alignment, alleviating discomfort, and promoting optimal health. With personalised treatments and a compassionate team, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of care to support your journey toward a pain-free and active life.

Pain relief

Alleviate back pain, neck pain, and joint discomfort.

Improved mobility

Enhance flexibility and range of motion for better movement.

Stress reduction

Relieve tension and promote relaxation for overall well-being.

Enhanced wellness

Support to achieve optimal health and improve quality of life.

What Our Clients Say

2 weeks ago
I can’t praise Arthur’s excellent work enough. His exceptional care and ability to fine tune your body of any aches and pains is amazing. As with any kind of maintenance it’s important to be consistent with your health and wellbeing and to see Arthur regularly. Along with Arthur he has an amazing team working with him who are always so pleased to see you.
a month ago
Excellent professional service. Highly recommend! I have been visiting Arthur and Emily now for pretty much a year, and I can honestly highly recommend their service. Years of bad posture and bad habits left me in all sorts of pain. With the work that Arthur and Emily has done, and continue to do, I feel like I have a new body, although still a work in progress. The whole team are friendly and professional and I cannot recommend this practice enough. Well done team!
a month ago
Your experience starts at the reception desk and they certainly give you 5 star treatment. At every appointment I am greeted with a warm and welcoming smile. All the team are extremely friendly and helpful. Both Arthur and Mansa are extremely professional and always take the time to get to know you during the session, offering valuable advice which is achievable and which impacts greatly on your progress. Since visiting the clinic I have seen a vast improvement in my mobility and am now pain free.
2 weeks ago
Started in January after 5 years of back pain from deadlifting. Tried various other treatments but never chiropractic work. After 4 months i got back in the gym and after 8 months I’m able to deadlift 120kg. I was so impressed by the results and Arthur’s knowledge I forced my partner to go who had problems with leg pains and after the first month or two it’s fair to say the pain has gone. However I can’t give Arthur all the credit as he has a fantastic team around him!!
4 months ago
Just amazing, Arthur and the team give great advice and the work they do on re-aligning your spine as well as massaging the muscles makes a world of difference to fitness and well-being. Without them I wouldn't have managed the South West Coast Path in just 30 days. Change your life for the better and give them a call.

Meet The Team

Clockwise from top left; Katya Fernandes, Heather Reynolds, Arthur Tovar, Maria Hagberg, Emily Allen, Mansa Johal

Maintain Your Health ANd Wellbeing By Seeing A Chiropractor

About Chiropractic Care for Adults and Older Adults

Aging is a natural process intrinsically linked to our lives, but there are differences between some people and others. Someone who suffers from structural problems, such as degeneration of the spinal joints, will have many secondary conditions that they would not have if that degeneration had been corrected.

We must be aware that important preventive measures must be taken to stop the most debilitating aspects of ageing. Chiropractic allows people, despite the passing of the years, to stay active. We get muscles, joints and nerves to work properly, without pain preventing us from leading a healthy life.

Comprehensive 3-year research conducted by the University of Los Angeles with people over the age of 75 has revealed a better quality of life and good general health in the elderly treated with Chiropractic. This group has been compared with another without chiropractic care, and it is clear that people in the first group show fewer health problems, can exercise regularly and have much shorter stays in hospitals.

You are never too old to receive chiropractic adjustments. Many of Thame Chiropractic Clinics older patients have seen their quality of life increase under our care. Currently, the oldest patient we care for in our practice is 91 years old.

Check your spine, you have nothing to lose.

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