Chiropractic Solutions for Athletes

Maximize your performance with personalized chiropractic care.

Our chiropractic care for athletes is tailored to optimize performance, prevent injuries, and aid recovery. Experience the competitive edge that chiropractic treatment can bring. 

Specialised Chiropractic Care - Designed For Athletes

Discover the edge that chiropractic brings to your sports performance. Our tailored treatments optimise your body’s function, enhance performance, prevent injuries and aids recovery.

Join the many professional athletes who have tried and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care.

The Benefits Of Chiropratic Treatment For Sports Persons

Enhanced Performance

Unlock your full potential and excel in your sport

Injury Prevention

Stay in the game and reduce the risk of sports-related injuries

Faster Recovery

Supports healing - bounce back stronger and return to action sooner

Optimal Functioning

Improve agility, flexibility, and overall body mechanics

What Our Clients Say

Martin Waite
3 weeks ago
I'd been suffering with back pain for 20 years, thinking it was something I would just have to live with for the rest of my life. After one particularly painful morning where I had to abandon the morning dog walk, I decided enough was enough and called the Thame Chiropractic Clinic to see what (if anything) could be done.. The team provided advice to me initially over the phone then booked me in for my consultation visit, and my first correction. After my very first session with Dr Tovar I walked out of the clinic feeling more freedom of movement than I'd experienced most of my life. Over the course of initial treatments lasting one month with both Arthur and Mansa the pain slowly dissipated as my back started to heal to it's new (correct) alignment. The information, guidance and professionalism I've experienced from all the team at the Thame Chiropractic Clinic filled me with confidence from the word go, and I couldn't recommend them enough to anyone who is currently suffering. I'm now able to compete in Triathlons and long distance running events, my flexibility and general wellbeing is vastly improved. If you have back pain, pick up the phone and make an appointment. You won't regret it!
Jo Bradshaw
5 months ago
I can’t praise Arthur’s excellent work enough. His exceptional care and ability to fine tune your body of any aches and pains is amazing. As with any kind of maintenance it’s important to be consistent with your health and wellbeing and to see Arthur regularly. Along with Arthur he has an amazing team working with him who are always so pleased to see you.
Melissa Castelyn
5 months ago
Excellent professional service. Highly recommend! I have been visiting Arthur and Emily now for pretty much a year, and I can honestly highly recommend their service. Years of bad posture and bad habits left me in all sorts of pain. With the work that Arthur and Emily has done, and continue to do, I feel like I have a new body, although still a work in progress. The whole team are friendly and professional and I cannot recommend this practice enough. Well done team!
Jack Howard
4 months ago
Started in January after 5 years of back pain from deadlifting. Tried various other treatments but never chiropractic work. After 4 months i got back in the gym and after 8 months I’m able to deadlift 120kg. I was so impressed by the results and Arthur’s knowledge I forced my partner to go who had problems with leg pains and after the first month or two it’s fair to say the pain has gone. However I can’t give Arthur all the credit as he has a fantastic team around him!!
Jamie Campbell-Harris
3 months ago
I highly recommend Arthur and the whole team at Thame Chiropractic Clinic. I have been to them for many years, initially to correct a serious misalignment in my lower back, but now for regular maintenance adjustments and sports massages to keep my back aligned and my body in general good health for all the sports and other activities I do. Thank you to all the team.

Meet The Team

Clockwise from top left; Katya Fernandes, Heather Reynolds, Arthur Tovar, Maria Hagberg, Emily Allen, Mansa Johal

Can Chiropractic Care Help Your Golf Game?

More About Chiropractic Care For Sports Performance

Athletes long ago discovered the benefits of chiropractic. At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, for example, chiropractors were part of the teams that traveled with the athletes.

Professional athletes seek chiropractic care because it helps their bodies function optimally, helps improve their performance, and their chiropractor will never force an athlete to take medication. The adjustments also prevent injuries and help a better recovery once it has occurred.

In 1997 an interesting study revealed that athletes who had received chiropractic care improved their performance by 10% compared to those who did not receive it. Other research found that under chiropractic care fewer days of training and games are missed.

Many athletes, both amateurs and professionals, compete only if they have first been adjusted by their Chiropractor. They don’t wait to get injured or sick. They want to constantly have their bodies ready. Many professional teams in the USA have Chiropractors as part of their medical team such as the NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.

They understand that a well adjusted athlete will perform better and have less likelihood of injury which in turn causes time away from the sports or the team.

If you are a person who likes to exercise you will enjoy it even more if you are receiving chiropractic adjustments. With chiropractic care you will enjoy fewer lost training days and improve your performance by 10%. It is an important percentage for an athlete or for anyone who plays sports. For a runner it is the difference between running 100 meters in 10 or 11 seconds


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