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“Arthur is one of those rare individuals that fuses a number of holistic approaches when treating patients, he is very knowledgeable and incredibly precise when he treats his patients. He has this amazing gift of identifying physiological problems within minutes of meeting you and quickly resolving it with confidence and flawless accuracy. I have tried a number of Chiropractors, Physios, Kinesiologists prior to being treated by Arthur and have to declare that none come close to Arthur’s unprecedented approach, style and expertise and everyone who I have referred him to have been overwhelmed with how their quality of life has been transformed for the better through being treated by him.”

Mr Kulbir L

Quality of Life

“Four years ago after damaging my back, my hospital confirmed that I had prolapsed a disc and suggested that I should have an operation, which involved cutting through from the front of my neck to remove the disc, and fusing the bones together using a piece of bone taken from my leg. Being a bit of a coward and after some consideration, I decided to try other means first. My sister who lives in Cornwall told me of a friend of hers who had been to a Chiropractor in Oxfordshire and was very pleased with the results and suggested I give them a go. Oxford is a good hours drive for me but thinking about that operation I started a course of treatment with them, and that is how I met Arthur Tovar who after working on me got me going again. I now feel as good as I have felt for a long time and have no pain and very little stiffness and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to Thame Chiropractic Clinic.”

Mr A Brooker

Arm and Neck Pain

“As a professional yoga instructor and practitioner my work is very physical and keeping my body and mind healthy and balanced is part of my daily life and belief. I find chiropractic treatments very beneficial and a great complementary therapy to my yoga practice. Arthur Tovar is a very knowledgeable chiropractor with an holistic view of the body that makes him an excellent and experienced therapist. I recommend regular chiropractic checks with Arthur to anyone who cares for his/her own health.”

Emanuele Rossi

Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Oxford KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

“Chiropractic care has stopped the intense pain I was experiencing initially. I’m now able to sleep better and have better health generally. The clinic staff are always helpful, friendly and efficient. The environment is welcoming and relaxing, the Chiropractor is kind and has helped with the back problem I was experiencing. He explains clearly what he is doing and the cause of the problem and how to help avoid future problems. I would recommend the clinic to anyone.”


Poor sleep due to Pain

“I just want to write and say a special THANK YOU to Arthur for working his miracle on my back. These past few weeks I have sprung out of bed in the morning with just joy – I no longer feel like an old fossil in pain. Thank you so much. Brilliant, I’m telling everyone I meet with back troubles. Its remarkable. I work as a play therapist which often means spending many hours on the floor in back tormenting positions”.


Back pain floor sitting

“My back pain, neck pain and pain down the arm are now gone, I have now more grip and strength in my hands. Since treating with Arthur Tovar I feel much better, more energetic and straighter and I no longer have pain in my low back and neck”.


Neck and arm Pain KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Simon_Wakeford

“Chiropractic has absolutely enhanced my health; it has been my savior many times when I could not function.
Also now that I exercise regularly, my visits are less frequent and more about fine tuning and keeping my body align, but nonetheless they are an essential part of my health regime. I would recommend anyone to go see Arthur Tovar at Thame Chiropractic Clinic”.


General Care

“I have been a roofer for 19 years and have suffered with back pain for the last 13 years; I have ended up in hospital on a number of occasions due to this. Arthur came highly recommended by my business partner who said he would change my life. I had a few sessions which showed quick results. However I then fell from the top of a ladder and suffered a serious head injury, which included multiple fractures to my skull and a bleed to the brain. After leaving hospital pretty weak I still had ongoing issues; facial palsy, diabetes insipidus, a CSF leak and loss of hearing. Six months after the accident I can honestly say that I am 99% recovered which the doctors told me would take at least two years to get to this stage. I believe without Arthurs knowledge and commitment I wouldn’t be where I am today; although he never takes any credit for his work and states that the body is doing all the healing. I find Arthur very dedicated and appreciate all that he has done for me. I think my business partner was right!”

Stuart B


“I thought there was no hope, until 2019…I first met Dr Arthur Tovar at an Oxford Chiropractic Clinic where I had treatment for a weak lower back and Rt.Sacro-iliac joint. Sadly, the clinic closed so I had to find someone new to monitor my back. After receiving treatment from an Osteopath and two Chiropractors, progress was poor. I never felt straight and there was little strength in my legs for walking. I had heard that Dr Tovar had started his own clinic in Thame. The situation prompted me to seek him out so I made an appointment for his opinion and assessment. The ultrasound scan showed that 57% of me was not functioning properly, besides leaning forward the Rt. Sacro-iliac joint was not in the correct position. The different stages of Dr. Tovar’s treatment got rid of all the imperfections. I am now standing straight with my back stronger, pelvic joints in the correct positions and all functions well. From this experience I can fully recommend Dr Arthur Tovar as a very conscientious and thorough chiropractic practitioner. He has empathy for your concerns, a natural instinct in finding the cause of pain and malfunctions. After the corrections, he checks that his treatment is effective and gives advice before you leave. Through the session there is an upbeat atmosphere, cheerful banter and humour. I am so grateful to Dr. Arthur Tovar for his treatment. It has given me the fitness that I have today all in one year since my first visit. Back to my old self again, wonderful!!”

Clare Field

May 10th 2020

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