Tips to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping in the wrong position can aggravate your neck or back symptoms. Most people sleep on their side, but that might not be the best option. While there isn’t one right way to sleep, choose the position that works if you have:

Avoid sleeping on your stomach! Try to keep your neck in a neutral position by not sleeping on too many pillows. Specially designed pillows can help to support the neutral position. Ideally keep the pillow ABOVE your shoulders.

While sleeping on your back can sometimes increase symptoms, try placing a small pillow under your knees or a rolled towel under the small of your back. This will help maintain your body’s natural curve and should help decrease pain.

If you cannot sleep on your back, you can try to lie on your side placing a pillow between your knees. This is also a good position for people with hip and knee problems. However, experts suggest that sleeping on your back is the best option for this condition. We hope these suggestions will help you get a better rest. Always remember to talk to your healthcare provider if you experience an increase in symptoms.

Arthur Tovar, BSc, D.C. Hons, CSCP, Craniopath (U.S.A)

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